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IngidRojc is a Croatian designer born in Koper and based in Buje. Stands behind the Ingrid Rojc Design brand. In 2004 she graduated as a textile technology engineer at the textile technology college in Zagreb, specializing in construction and modeling. At the end of her studies, she returns in her home town where she starts to work in a completely different field, from what she had studied for.She has worked for years in companies administrative positions, thanks to her high school studies, where she graduated in business economics, and that gave her a good background for her business activity.

In 2012 she finally decided to follow her dreams, and start to attend tailoring and sewing workshops to be able to make her own fashion creations.Since being a child she dreamed of becoming a fashion designer, and this dream is still present and encourages and motivates her to work on new challenges.

After 2 years spent learning all the sewing techniques, every now and then she created some models that got soon noticed in her whereabouts, so she takes part in two local TV shows, at the beauty fair in Zagreb, where she presents a dress made of motion picture film, to promote italian makeup products, and her creations are featured in various beauty contests, fairs and concerts.

In mid 2015 Ingrid Rojc decides to start her business, and starts her current brand, Ingrid Rojc Design, with the head office in Buie, where she finds right away her personal dimension, and in a relatively short period is included among the best istrian stylists.

The main goal at the start of her business, is to invest in modern and technologically advanced machinery ; she manages to reach this objective also with the help of the European funds that are assigned to her thanks to a very detailed business plan, which allows her to start a small production.

In the spring of 2016 she decides to launch her first collection, that bears her name and does not go unnoticed. Aside from the great feedback from her customers and a big part of the public, the collection is immediately noticed by several fashion editors and Croatian medias, which then initiate various participations to fashion events.
These events resulted in positive media reviews and opened the doors to new events and future projects.

At the end of 2016 , she was chosen as a Croatian designer for make dress with whome Miss Croatia was presented to the world in Washington in the category Top Model and as a part of the team of Croatian designers who dresses Miss Croatia during her stay at Miss World.

The brand Ingrid Rojc Design is particularly characterized by: contrasts of bright colors that love to mix with each other,  natural fabrics and love for retro styles, especially mixing elements from the 1960s.